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Generate Website Traffic by Blogging

Blogging is one of the more effective and powerful ways you can generate traffic to your website. If you aren't blogging already, you need to consider doing it soon.  Search engines love blogs and you will frequently see that blog posts are ranking high in the search engines for their particular keywords. Start your own blog and post content with your relevant keywords. Pretty soon, the search engines will index your blog and traffic will begin to be directed to your website.

You can create a blog within your current website so that it acts like one of the main sections of your site. Alternately, you can build a separate blog site, with its own domain. Whether you choose to add your blog to your existing site or create it separately, make sure that you link back to your main website within your blog. It's better if you link to the other pages in your website instead of simply linking to your site's home page or index page.

You can create a blog using Blogger or Wordpress, which are both easy to figure out and use, and they are also highly customizable and come with many features. While you can host your blog on either the Blogger or Wordpress site, it is best that you get your own domain and host your own blog there yourself. There are two good reasons for this:

1. Your blog's URL would appear more professional.

If you use Blogger for your blog and have it hosted on their service, your blog URL would look something like If you use Wordpress and host your blog there, your blog URL would be something lie However, if you host your own blog, it can be like this: Which do you think is more memorable and more professional looking?

2. Your blog may all of a sudden disappear if you have it hosted with a blogging company.

Many bloggers have lost their blogs -- and all the content they've put in it -- for no reason or warning at all. If you are creating original and unique content for your blog, you want to make sure that they are protected. You don't want all your hard work to go down the drain if one day your blog disappears. There go your search engine rankings...

Below are a few tips on how you can turn your blog into a success:

1. Let your blog show your personality. Boring, dull blogs don't create loyal readers and followers. Take a stand, create controversy, speak out your opinions. Your goal is to make sure that people notice your blog, talk about your blog, and link back to your blog.

2. Make it a habit to post regularly on your blog. Post a minimum of two times a week. Don't let your blog go stale. Once you've built a following, post regularly so that you don't lose your readers.

3. Look into adding RSS feeds to your blog so that your readers can subscribe to them and be notified whenever you post new content.

4. Search for other blogs in your target market or niche. Take the time to read the posts in those blogs and post relevant comments. A lot of blogs allow commenters to include a link back to their site. Use this feature to build relationships with other blog owners and increase links to your site. Be careful not to avoid the comment feature of other blogs, though. Make sure that your posts make sense, are relevant and are not blatant sales pitches.

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