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Branding Your Company on the Web

One of the basic marketing concepts is brand marketing or simply branding. Branding is all about using different marketing material, strategies and tactics with the goal of building a company's image maintaining that image to its target market. When it comes to the Internet, branding is all about building website recognition. It involves creating in visitors or customers a specific attitude or feeling towards the website based on the message that the website owner wants to convey.

Some of the materials that are used by companies to create their brand online include the website name, domain name, logo, color scheme, the "look" of the products being sold by the company, images on the graphic elements (e.g., banners, buttons, icons) used on the site, and the website tag line or slogan.

Whether a company is trying to build brand recognition online or offline, doing so takes some time. However, if you want to effectively brand yourself or your company online, follow these tips:

1. Make sure that any and all of the online branding materials you use will appeal to your target market.

2. Make the materials you use for your online branding memorable to your target market as well as portray exactly what image you want to portray.

3. Your website's message to your audience must be consistent across all of the online branding materials you use.

It's not enough that you build a brand image for your website or online company. As the owner, you will have to consistently and continuously reinforce your branding efforts to your target market. Keep in mind these three marketing tactics you can use to reinforce your branding efforts:

1. Online Advertising. Make sure that your brand is constantly in front of your target market by incorporating your logo, tag line and color scheme in every piece of online advertising whenever possible.

2. E-mail Marketing. Whenever you are communicating with people within your target market, include your company logo and slogan in all e-mail correspondence.

3. Online PR. Make it a habit to announce company- or website-related news through online press releases or blogging. Doing so keeps your website's name and message constantly in front of your target market. You can also create expert articles and make them freely available to other publishers. This not only puts your website in front of several thousands more people but also helps build your reputation as an expert in your field.

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