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Keep Your SEO Natural

No, I donít mean go natural as in take off your clothes! I am referring to making sure your website looks natural to search engines so it doesnít get mistaken for spam. A lot of webmasters and SEO experts are debating what Google looks for and how far you can go when manipulating Google. You should probably assume Google will know when you are trying to manipulate it.

The following are things you donít want to do so your website looks natural:

1. Build a large number of links quickly.

It is important to have a large number of links if you want to be competitive but search engines are wary of websites that seem to build a thousand links in no time at all. The natural progression of link building involves a certain period of time. The only way you could get that many links so quickly is if your website is all over the media, in every blog online, and on all the social bookmarking websites. Search engines look for excessive link building as a sign that there is something wrong.

You have to remember the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare when you think about link building. Adding a few links on a daily basis is a much safer SEO strategy than trying to get your website in a thousand directories in a few days.

2. Keeping your anchor text the same.

When webmasters discovered that their links had more value if they included their specific keywords in the anchor text, they began inserting their most important keywords in every back link. This is an effective SEO technique, but SEO analysis has found that if you keep repeating the same keyword text in your anchor texts and donít change it at all, your website can be sandboxed or even banned from search engines.

When website develops in a natural way and add links naturally, the keywords in the anchor text are varied. The reason for this is that not everyone will link to your website in the same manner. Some links have your complete URL, others call your site by name, and others have a generic link. It is important to use a variety of keywords in anchor text and to use keywords that would be natural choices for customers.

3. Creating several thousand pages for your website right away.

Some SEO services take advantage of the option to purchase a website that is already created and contains thousand of pages. Have you ever seen anyone start a website in a natural way with thousands of pages? Probably not. A natural growth pattern for a website is slow and steady. Starting off with too many pages does not help your website look natural and search engines generally wonít index all of the pages anyway. They usually on index up to 500 pages at a time for established websites.

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