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5 Ways NOT to Get Your Press Release Read

It only takes a few minutes to find plenty of information on writing press releases. You'll find numerous articles giving tips and advice on press release writing.

This article, however, gives you 5 surefire ways you can get your press release ignored. All you need to do is remember these 5 things, avoid committing them when you're writing your press release, and you'll be sure that your press release will get the attention it deserves!

1. Leave Out Media Contact Information
Journalists need to know where and how they can contact you if they deem that your press release has a news angle. If you leave out media contact information in your press release, you can be sure that your phone won't ring or your inbox won't be flooded with requests for interviews. Regardless of how newsworthy your press release is, no reporter is going to be trying to write about you or your company if they have no way of getting in touch with you.

2. Forget About Making Your News Angle Clear in the Press Release Headline

Make it hard for journalists and the other media people to find a newsworthy angle in your press release. Also go for cutesy title instead catchy. When a reporter reads your press release, you should leave them wondering what its news value is.

3. Don't Proofread Your Press Release

One surefire way your press release is going to be ignored by the media is to distribute one that hasn't been edited or proofread. Press releases that are simply full of typographical and grammatical errors are sure to be ignored and discarded.

4. Craft the Press Release so that it Sounds Like an Advertising Piece

Use hype in your press release. Use words like "best", "awesome", "great" and "wonderful" in your press release. This is a surefire way to turn off reporters in a heartbeat. Make sure that your press release sounds like an advertisement.

5. Write a Long Press Release

Hundreds of press releases come out every day so if you want journalists to ignore yours, write a really long and very blocky press release. Make it hard for journalists to capture the essence of your press release in a glance. You can achieve this by crafting really long headlines and huge blocks of texts.  

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